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Massages and treatments

Indulge yourself, with our expert staff, in a specially crafted relaxing massages, within the cozy atmosphere of our wellness centre. Eliminate the tension in your muscles and give your body new life energy!

Massage services are additionally charged according to the applicable price list, which you can take at the reception.

Spice up your vacation days with a special treat!

Antistress massage

Duration: 60 min

Get rid of the fatigue and everyday records that stress leaves on the body with the most sought after type of massage – antistress massage!

The massage covers the whole body, and special attention is paid to the feet, hands, head and neck, because the neck, including the trapezius muscles, accumulates the greatest amount of stress. Due to the aromatherapy effect, essential oils are often included in the treatment, which makes this treatment even more fulfilling and pleasurable.

Sports massage

Duration: 50 min

For all those involved in sports, whether actively or recreationally, as well as those who experience severe spasm or muscle pain due to increased physical activity – sports massage is the first choice!

The massage aims to remove excess lactic acid, which during physical activity is mostly created in the muscle and it is retained in them afterwards. The massage involves the whole body and special attention is paid to the most stressed regions of the body such as the legs, hands and back.


Duration: 60 min

A magical therapeutic treatment that aims to relax and harmonize the entire body. Treatment is done with warm clay bags to relieve back pain and tension. In addition to the heat that the bags transfer to the body by warming it deep, a lot of stretching and gentle kneading is done during the treatment to achieve relaxation of the hips and legs. This is followed by a thorough back massage with selected oils that enhance the warming effect and prompt deep circulation. In addition to its therapeutic effect, the treatment offers exceptional enjoyment and can also be used as a form of relaxation.


Duration: 45 min

An increasingly popular type of treatment – maderotherapy – is the treatment with wooden rolling pins specifically anatomically modelled to allow a complete adhesion to all parts of the body. It is most commonly used for the elimination of cellulite for ladies, but it can also serve for therapeutic purposes as well as in the therapy for athletes. The therapist listens carefully to the client’s body, adapting to each body individually so the general impression of the treatment is above all pleasant. The therapy does not leave bruises, but it is quite intense so a break of 24 hours is recommended between the two treatments.

Antistress ritual

Duration: 90 min

Sparemint peeling treatment plus algae packaging.


Duration: 60 min

Over 7.000 nerve endings, grouped into reflex zones, are located on the feet. Stimulation of the reflex zones on the feet establishes the proper functioning of organs and organ system. The reflexive foot massage treatment is extremely pleasant and is enriched with various additional contents, so it is recommended to all those who want to feel the magic of walking on the clouds.

Lomi Lomi

Duration: 90 min

Hawaiian holistic massage of a strange name but of a miraculous effect!

Unforgettable pleasure for the whole body! Lomi lomi massage is recognizable by its long, light and wavy movements of a uniform rhythm, during which you feel as if you are caressed by the waves throughout your body. This exotic treatment is recommended to those who are guided in their lives by the hedonistic principle – those who know how to afford themselves the ultimate pleasure.


Duration: 90 min

Energy massage originating in Japan. Shiatsu literally means fingerprint. Stretching, kneading and acupressure stimulation represent the characteristic movements of this massage, thereby stimulating energy meridians throughout the body. According to knowledge and beliefs of the inhabitants of the Far East, it is considered that the body is permeated with 14 energy meridians, which conduct life energy to all cells in the body. By proper stimulation of the meridians, the energy blocks are eliminated, which enables the body to restore its energy potential to its full capacity. After the treatment, you will feel like you were born again.

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